Keeping Your Skin Soft Through Fall

As Fall quickly sinks in, we continue to soak up the last few rays of sunshine. Before you know it, leaves will be falling and we will be adding on the layers. Just as our wardrobe changes, so does our skincare routine. Gone are the days of long, hot sun, as October ushers in crisp air and dropping temperatures. To ensure that your skin looks and feels its best, follow these quick skincare tips and enjoy the season!


With crisp air comes drier air. While we love the changing of the seasons, it’s not always easy on our skin. Transitioning from a lighter-based moisturizer to a more emollient cream protects your skin from drier conditions. Not only will you want to invest in a more substantial cream, but you’ll want to replace your body wash as well. Aim for a moisture-rich foaming wash, and be sure to moisturize soon after exiting the shower to give your skin the most protection from dry air. Bonus tip: keep a small travel sized bottle of moisturizer in your bag or by your desk at work to keep your hands feeling smooth.

Protect Your Lips

Dry air doesn’t just impact your skin; it greatly impacts your lips as well. To prevent cracked or chapped lips, start moisturizing your lips now, as this will help as the weather continues to get colder. Purchasing a non-petroleum based lip balm is a great idea to protect your lips from painful cracking.  In addition to investing in a good lip balm, you may want to consider setting up a humidifier in your bedroom. This will help to hydrate the air and make it less dry, and benefits not just your lips but also your skin in general.


Exfoliating is a great way to get rid of your dead layer of skin so that you feel smooth and refreshed. Finding a face scrub that also exfoliates will dramatically improve your skin care routine and give you a glow in the colder months. When it comes to exfoliating your body, look for an oil-based scrub, as this will also help you stay hydrated. Bonus tip: Remember to exfoliate your feet! Your heels are prone to serious skin cracking, so to avoid this, start now and pay special attention to the backs of your heels.


Summer might be over, but the sun isn’t going anywhere. Every day, your hands are exposed to the sun whenever you step outside, whether it be to walk to work or go to the supermarket.  Effects from the sun cause premature aging, sun spots, and wrinkles. You don’t need to lather on SPF 100 sunscreen, but use a moisturizer that includes SPF 15 as the minimum. This will protect your skin, hydrate you, and keep you wrinkle-free in the long run.

Listen to Your Body

As Summer comes to an end, weekends become shorter and we have less opportunities for rest. Now that you are back in the full swing of things and adhering to a stricter routine, it is important to make time for sleep. Ignoring your body when it is tired will make you feel and look tired. Added stress will not benefit your skin, and will result in more rapid aging that will show on your face and hands.

Taking advantage of these tips before the weather starts to change will get you into a routine so that you are better prepared when the temperature drops. At Suffolk Plastic Surgeons, we are here to assist you with all your skincare needs. Stop in or give us a call today to find out how to keep your skin feeling refreshed and soft!

Diamond Annual Gala

On October 1, 2016, Dr. Coccaro attended the Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center‘s 60th Diamond Anniversary Gala at Sand’s Point. The gala honored the Knapp and Rose families, as well as Isabella Rossellini. Dr. Coccaro was on hand to congratulate his colleague Dr. Badri Nath, who won the Dr. Dranitzke Award. This award is given each year to an individual who demonstrates involvement, support, and commitment to his profession, the Medical Center, and the community.

This event raised over $600,000 for the expanded Knapp Cardiac Care Center. At the end of the night, guests enjoyed a magnificent fireworks display overlooking the Long Island Sound.

Coolsculpting: Your Questions Answered

Looking for a non-surgical treatment that can help you shed away the pounds? Coolsculpting is a great non-invasive way to eliminate stubborn fat you may have struggled with getting rid of. Keep reading to learn if you’re the ideal candidate for Coolsculpting, and how the treatment can benefit you!

What is Coolsculpting?

Unlike more invasive procedures such as liposuction, Coolsculpting uses a cooling technology to target fat cells and freeze them. Since fat cells will freeze at higher temperatures than other tissues, tissues such as skin, veins, and blood vessels remain unaffected.

Is Coolsculpting Safe?

To date, there have been no long-term negative effects of Coolsculpting. The device used during the treatment carefully controls the cooling process so that the temperatures achieved will target fat cells and nothing else. If applied correctly, results are typically consistent and smooth. Coolsculpting is non-invasive and FDA-approved.

Does Coolsculpting Hurt?

Coolsculpting is painless, although you may experience the sensations of pulling, tugging, and some mild pinching throughout the treatment. After the treatment is complete, the area that was targeted may be slightly red and feel firm. These side effects are mild and  temporary.

Is Coolsculpting the Same as Weightloss Surgery?

CoolSculpting is not a weightloss solution for those who are obese, as it does not act like a gastric bypass surgery. This treatment is ideally used to treat areas which have not improved as a result of diet and exercise.

Am I a Good Candidate for Coolsculpting?

The ideal candidate for Coolsculpting is 20 pounds or less within his or her desired body weight. Coolsculpting cannot eliminate massive areas of fat, but rather, specific targeted areas. Picking a bulge or pocket of fat that you can grab with your hand helps indicate whether or not this treatment is right for you. Popular areas of the body for Coolsculpting are in the abdomen, love handles or the outer thighs.

What is the Coolsculpting Post-Procedure?

Unlike other treatments, there is no downtime after undergoing Coolsculpting! Patients typically return to their regular activities shortly, if not immediately, after the treatment is finished. Don’t be alarmed when the targeted area looks relatively similar to your pre-treatment body. Coolsculpting results typically show three weeks after the treatment is completed. Within two months, you should see full results.

As always, you will need to undergo a consultation to determine if you are a truly good candidate for Coolsculpting. At Suffolk Plastic Surgeons, we are committed to boosting your body confidence and to helping you look and feel your best. Give us a call today to learn how you can benefit from this incredible treatment!



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